dog birthday gift lotion semplice with tuscan white tea


 spa semplice, dog fashion spa fur+skin lotion for dogs, gently moisturizes skin, conditions dog’s coat and replenishes it with essential nutrients, capturing the essence of quality life for dogs®. our toxin-free lightweight moisturizing lotion is formulated by leading dog care experts and infused with flower and plant extracts to naturally hydrate and protect the coat. helps loosening mats, free tangles, and get rid of static electricity.

semplice lotion is delicately scented with the earthy aromas of white tea and tuscan trees – a simple, luxurious scent for dogs.

dog parents: massage into fur+skin and discover the moisturizing, aromatic effects of our enriching formula. brush through the coat to distribute evenly. can be used daily.

also works as a leave-on conditioner after shampooing with dog fashion shampoo.


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