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Product #018

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Eversweet Smart Pet Waterer Replacement Filters





The 3 piece PETKIT Eversweet Carbon Replacement Filtration unit comes in a narrow rounded design and filters out and helps completely eliminate or screen any and all harmful chemicals and impurities found in contaminated or unfiltered water.

Internally each filter features mesh screens with activated carbon and Ion-Exchange Resins. additionally also comes along with along with 4pcs of U-Shape Sponges for replacements.

To only be used with the PETKIT Eversweet device.



  • Each filter features mesh screens with activated carbon and Ion-Exchange Resins 
  • Helps eliminate a host of harmful chemicals found in unfiltered water 
  • Lightweight and circular design easily fits directly into the PETKIT Eversweet device 
  • Lasts for approximately 3 months when used on Normal Mode and approximately 5-6 months on Smart Mode 
  • Drinking clean water may help your pet prevent urinary diseases 



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