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Lilo Leather Cat Collar







This sweet cat collar features signature Moshiqa icons to adorn your pet in high-class style, like the custom cat buckle, glittering logo tag and embossed logo interior.

Durable genuine leather ages gracefully, just like your furry friend.

Made in Turkey. Dog and cat collar.

Available in Beige, Brown, Pink, Black, Red, Orange or Blue.

Sizes XS and S.

Measurements in centimeters:

XS, 16.7-19.7; - S, 22.5-28.5.

Sizes In Inches

XS: 6.57" from buckle to first hole, 7.75" from buckle to last hole

S: 8.85" from buckle to first hole, 11.22" from buckle to last hole

Please Allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery as these are made to order






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