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 Moshiqa Charm Leather Cat Collar







Our furry friends charm us in so many ways, so this charm collar, for both cats and dogs, makes sure to surround our pet in luck and love with symbols like an angel, fatima's hand, the evil eye, a heart and a star. The charms are attached to a sophisticated leather exterior that's lined with soft suede for ultimate comfort. The custom Moshiqa buckles and hardware tie the whole look together with class, whimsy and fun.

Made in Turkey. Dog and cat charm collar. Available in Blue, Black, Orange, Brown, Beige or Pink.

Sizes XS and S.

Measurements in centimeters:

XS, 16.7-19.7;

S, 22.5-28.5.

Sizes In Inches

XS: 6.57" from buckle to first hole, 7.75" from buckle to last hole

S: 8.85" from buckle to first hole, 11.22" from buckle to last hole

Charms Include:

Angel: A guardian angel to keep watch

Fatimas' Hand: To protect and warn of the evil eye

Horseshoe: To bring luck

Key: To secure what is precious

Star: To make a special wish

Heart: All the love you can offer and recieve


Please Allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery as these are made to order




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