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You may or may not be shocked by the amount of germs and bacteria a dog will bring into the house from one walk around the block.

Not only will your dogs paws bring in dirt, but many households use chemicals on their lawns, along with many other bacterias like Giardia which can be dangerous to dogs who lick their paws.

This product also works great to prep dog’s paws and nails before any services are performed on them. This will safely clean any areas to prevent infection. It is also great to use after nail or paw services to clean and kill any bacteria or germs such as staph infections from grooming tools.

Another very effective use for this product is to clean the rectal area after they go to the bathroom, so that bacteria will not stay with your dog throughout the day or be brought into your home.

This product is fragrance-free and works great on any types of skin, coats or paws.


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