Legally Blonde Dog Carrier

 Saint Tropez Carrier


A fabulous bag for carrying your pet this season! As well as being a perfect accessory for you, this bag is also a very stylish, yet practical pet carrier. Unlike ordinary bags, the Saint-Tropez Pet Carrier is specifically designed to be a pet carrier, and can be used in several ways to make your pet's journey as comfortable and as safe as possible. 

There is a fine mesh window that provides ventilation and makes it possible for your pet to take in the view during your outing. The top of the bag also has two different outer panels that can be zipped open to for easy access. The interior is lined with animal print material and has a removable carpet for easy clean and a Leash hook for extra safety.

Dimensions In CM: (L x B x H) 36cm x 23cm x 28cm


Dimensions in Inches: (L x B x H) 14.17" x 9.05 x 11"



Please Allow  1 - 2 Weeks For Delivery

Please Note: To to strict health laws carriers can not be returned. So Please Measure Carefully!!

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